July 8, 2024

From Dorm Rooms to Boardrooms: Ben Grech

Join host Peter Grech on the UnbrandMe Podcast as we explore the remarkable journey of Ben Grech, a visionary entrepreneur who transformed the student accommodation landscape with his company, Uniplaces.

Raised in the UK with summers spent in Malta, Ben’s unique upbringing infused him with a global perspective from an early age. Inspired by early mentorship and his leadership in establishing the Entrepreneurship Society at the University of Nottingham, Ben embraced the power of meaningful connections to launch his venture.

In this episode, Ben shares the genesis of Uniplaces during his university days with co-founders Amaro and Kostelec, and how their idea blossomed into a global enterprise. As the former CEO, Ben recounts the exhilarating challenges of international expansion and securing over $30 million in funding, highlighting a pivotal $24 million from the prestigious VC firm Atomico. His transition from CEO to Non-Executive Chairman and later to CEO of Reposit illustrates his strategic vision for scaling businesses and his belief in companies as vehicles for positive change.

Dive into Ben’s insights on leadership, innovation, and the impact of building businesses that not only succeed commercially but also contribute positively to society. Whether you’re an aspiring entrepreneur or seasoned business leader, Ben’s story offers invaluable lessons on growth, resilience, and the transformative power of entrepreneurship.

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