Better people make better brands.

Welcome to Unbrandme, the BRND WGN podcast hosted by Peter-Jan Grech where we unpack the stories of brand owners, entrepreneurs and disruptors to understand how their life stories and lessons have impacted the brands and businesses they build and lead.

Over the last 18 years at BRND WGN, working with so many great clients has fuelled my belief that better people make better brands and better brands make a better world.
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About the Host
Hosted by Peter-Jan Grech

Peter-Jan Grech

Peter-Jan Grech is the CEO and Founder of BRND WGN where he provides strategic and creative counsel to business leaders wanting to drive change. After starting BRND WGN 13 years ago, Pete successfully grew the company with dedicated teams for strategy, design and tech. Years of leading creative teams and supporting business owners have instilled in him a firm belief that the best way to solve problems is frank honesty.
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