March 4, 2024

Ethical Navigation with Yasmin de Giorgio

Join host Peter-Jan Grech in this episode of the Unbrandme podcast as he sits down with Yasmin de Giorgio. With over a decade of experience in startup ventures and a fervent dedication to personal development, Yasmin shares her insights on maintaining core beliefs while navigating diverse business landscapes.

Discover Yasmin’s journey starting with the struggles of kickstarting passion projects Sanya and Grassy Hopper, and how she has leveraged these experiences to take on the role as CEO of Shireburn.

In this candid conversation, Yasmin delves into the importance of ethical responsibility, the challenges of inheriting a family business, and her vision for the future of both Shireburn and Sanya. Tune in to gain valuable entrepreneurial wisdom and inspiration from Yasmin de Giorgio’s remarkable journey.

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